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Kinds of B2B Sales Leads - Infographic

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, May, 10, 2016

Kinds of B2B Sales Leads

To achieve your small business sales goal, you will need to generate real sales leads not just contacts. This Infographic is helpful in understanding the difference between various kinds of B2B sales leads.

To view larger image click on the image.

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B2B Marketing - Way Simpler Than They Want You To Know

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, Jan, 26, 2016

Do you think that there is a reason why your head hurts after reading all the sales pitches about B2B marketing? Do you really need to know let alone understand every new buzzword that litters the B2B marketing ether?

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What is a B2B Sales Lead?

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Mon, Dec, 07, 2015

B2B Sales Lead Generation DefinitionWe know what a B2B sales lead is not. It is not: 

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Business Public Relations, It is Time To Adopt Pay-For-Performance

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Thu, Jun, 04, 2015

Originally posted in IndustryArchive.Org

Many small businesses struggle with integrating public relations as a marketing tool for their 
marketing campaigns. Public relations services for small business are at best a monthly activity and usually less frequently
then once a month. Many small business owners will say, “We don’t have enough content to conduct an ongoing PR campaign.” Others say, PR it just cost too much because of the way that PR services are sold.” Just about all say, how do I begin to evaluate my return-on-investment using public relations?”
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5 Ways to Generate New Business Sales Leads Using Twitter

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, Mar, 03, 2015

by Guest Blogger Dave Landry Jr.

It is a world of rapid-fire digital speed demons and if your company is not on target the alternative is a sure way to get lost in the dust. The old fashioned way of hunting for new business is no longer sufficient. You can only get so far relying on networking with here’s my business card and palm pressing. Utilizing social media options like Twitter to engage potential prospects first before the first  handshake is the best way to beat the competition to the punch. 

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How to get better B2B Marketing Results…Like Sales

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, Nov, 18, 2014

I f you’re like me and know that the days of bombarding sales prospects with your latest sales pitch is over. Then you’ll want to learn more about how B2B sales prospects use the Web today and how we can serve the needs of these business professionals that creates a Win/Win for everybody.
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Best Opportunities to Generate B2B Sales Leads In 2015

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, Nov, 04, 2014

What are your plans for generating sales leads in 2015? What lead generation tactics will be most important for your B2B small business? Do you have an understanding of works for your company to generate quality leads? These are just some questions B2B small businesses are asking themselves or should be heading into the New Year.
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Small Business Press Release Marketing - What You Should Know Now

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, Oct, 28, 2014

You may have heard that Press Releases are dead as an effective marketing tool to create traffic to your website. Moreover, you may also still be getting emails from on-line press release companies still touting the traffic building and SEO benefits of press releases. So who’s right? Neither.

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How to Create A Small Business Marketing Audience

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Wed, Jul, 23, 2014

One of the biggest problems small business B2B firms have when it comes to marketing their business is not identifying their target audience. But, how to create the marketing audience they need to reach. There has been a lot written about marketing personas, and these can be helpful, but most B2B companies know the make-up of their target market from a demographic and psychographic standpoint.

Should You Use Marketing Personas

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What to Look for in a Content Marketing Specialist

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, Jul, 15, 2014

Many B2B companies are looking to increase their spending on content marketing now and for the foreseeable future. A recent study conducted by marketing software review company Software Advice, analyzed 300-job listings to understand the attributes hiring managers are seeking in content marketing specialists.

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