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Posted by Robert Hennessey on Sun, Apr, 22, 2012

Small Business Marketing ServicesSmall business marketing services are critical to small business success!

Small business marketing does not mean thinking small. It’s okay to have big dreams. What is not okay is to start without a marketing plan checklist and a budget. Some start-ups waste money in their excitement of wanting to make a big splash to get started, but then they deplete an important part of their future success by using valuable cash on marketing activities poorly planned that may not generate success.

To achieve that good start or launch new marketing campaigns seek out affordable small business marketing services that are available to you. Remember, time is money. Be sure to avoid spending your time in the wrong places; look for marketing firms that specialize in helping small businesses and ask whether they are business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) focused. This will assure that the small business marketing service you choose will fit your goals and that they know how to reach your potential customers.

There are free options you can access by going on the office computer and doing some cyberspace outreach. For other marketing efforts, you should employ the assistance of an established B2B small business marketing services firm. An experienced marketer can help you get off to a fast start in a professional manner that should bring you fast results because they know what they are doing. 

Here are several important low-cost small business-marketing services options to consider:

1. Press Releases - the number one place to spend some time promoting your business. There are some companies that specialize in B2B press release marketing and that will do this for you at an affordable rate. Or, DIY on a small scale. Again, balance time and effort versus price and effectiveness. The biggest tip here is that distributing your press release is going to likely cost more than having the press release written. There are free press release distribution services and some under $100 per release but the effectiveness will not be good.

2. Special Events - have a sale, participate in community events or be a sponsor to generate goodwill and visibility in your local community if that is a way to reach your target audience.

3. Community/Business Organizations - joining your local business merchant association can be helpful if your small business is a service business doing work locally. Be sure links to your website are included in any advertising or listings.

4. Website - this must-have will return vast benefits if you get it right. Again, there are companies that specialize in small business marketing services; creating websites and managing social media presence are items they sell. Using these services rather than trying to do-it-yourself, if you are not web-familiar may be the smartest move to make. Make sure you have someone who knows web marketing and if you sell, B2B be sure he or she is well versed in inbound marketing. The secret to a great website is marketing not web design. You need a functional website, but without a professional marketer, you are buying a brochure. If you want, website sales lead generation and actual sales find someone who knows marketing first.

5. Links - online links can bring customers, inquires, and business to your company website. Use them liberally wherever you are interacting or posting comments. Links can also boost your website’s search engine visibility.

6. Social Media - this is a hot area for small business promotions. Start up a Facebook page for your business and get listings online at social networking websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. You should brand pages with links, images, logos and company and product information. Remember to be social, communicate, answer, respond to and address comments. Besides your website, having a small business blog and doing small business blogging is critical to your online marketing success.

Having the premiere business products, services or skills to offer, is not enough. You need to understand that sending the right marketing message to the right audience at the right time is the key to small business marketing services success.

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