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Where Are Your Business-to-Business Sales Prospects?

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, May, 28, 2013

business-to-business sales prospects

A successful business-to-business marketing effort begins with identifying who your sales prospects are and how you can reach them.

Most small business owners know the target audience of their clients. Sometimes they think everyone is their potential client and while that may be true in the broadest sense it is unlikely to be realistic from a practical standpoint. Often there are actual or perceived limitations imposed on who small businesses can sell based on the perceptions of their clients real or imagined.

However the most prevalent issue that small business wrestles with is not who their best sales prospects are, but how to reach those prospects. This where many marketing experts are promoting this solution or that to reach small business sales prospects. Given we all can be lured by instant success this is just “fools gold.” There is no instant success in marketing.

In most cases it is actually easy to identify business-to-business sales prospects. The easiest way is to obtain a highly targeted mailing list. Another way is to organically grow your own email business prospect list online with very specific targeting attributes.

Combining content and inbound marketing techniques will allow you to target your business-to-business sales prospects in an efficient and affordable manner. This is achieved by sharing high quality content via landing pages that will allow you to capture the specific attributes and contact information about your target audience. We do not recommend purchasing email lists because it is fraught with pitfalls and is costly to do it effectively.

Once you have defined your target audience the next step isn’t to start marketing to them. A common mistake by those in a hurry to obtain instant sales.

Finding your business-to-business target audience is going to take longer and be more difficult using social media platforms. While the platforms are free to use the time and effort is substantial to identify and begin cultivating potential sales leads.

The next step is to develop customer-centric marketing messages that speak to how you solve the common business problems faced by your potential customer base. Once you have created specific customer-centric marketing messages you need to evaluate the most efficient and affordable way to market to your target audience on an everyday business.

The options to reach your target audience are many and sometimes confusing and many waste their money by chasing the latest marketing fad. You know you hear things like…

  • “Everyone is doing it aren’t you?”

  • “I heard that so and so used this and they got a lot of sales.”

  • “This is an easy way to get customers and it’s free.”

While we are all intrigued by these comments from those we meet and often make a knee-jerk marketing decision because of their comments, the results are usually unsuccessful. Why, because we do not know the specifics of who, what, when , where and all the other important details necessary to make a rational business decision. When you hear about someone else’s success these are the types of questions you need to inquire about.

  1. What business are they in?

  2. Who are their customers?

  3. What types of products or services are being sold?

  4. What is the price of what they sell?

  5. Through what channels of distribution do they sell their products/services?

  6. What type of market do they sell to business-to-business or business-to-consumer

The answers to these basic questions and some additional ones will allow you to gather enough information to make an informed business decision on how to invest your marketing dollars.

Identifying and finding your business-to-business sales prospects are fundamental to achieving sales lead generation success. Content and inbound marketing make finding your sales prospects easy because the right content and inbound marketing will make it easy for your sales prospects to find you.

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