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The Secret to B2B Sales Lead Generation-No Selling Required!

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Thu, May, 19, 2011

B2B Sales ProspectingDo you want to reduce small business b2b marketing costs & increase your customer base? Then you may want reconsider your approach to b2b sales prospecting. Unbelievably the secret to successful b2b small business lead generation does not require selling.

Ninety-nine percent of all companies and individuals market their products and services based on B2C marketing. Why, because it is what we have all been exposed too and then we mimic it and apply to every other marketing situation rightly or wrongly.

The marketing approach that big consumer corporations employ in selling to consumers is capabilities and capacities. They say we have this capability or this capacity to _________, fill in the blank. What does this mean? It means that most people cannot wait to tell you what they can do for you. Even though they do not know what it is you really need, they just want you to buy what they are selling.

Using this approach however, when you are selling business-to-businesses, may definitely be the wrong approach.

You May be Creating Barriers to B2B Sales Prospecting If...

  • Your sales prospects do not respond to your marketing because it all sounds, and says the same thing.

  • Your sales prospects avoid your offer of a free consultation with you because they do not want to “be sold” anything.

  • Your sales prospects lack trust because they are tired of sales people that will say or do anything for a sale.

  • Your sales prospects often take a defensive posture because they do not want to be hustled into purchasing unneeded or wanted products/services.

Create Relationship Sales with Customer Centric B2B Marketing

  1. Ask a lot of probing questions to understand the real problem issues of your client.

  2. Seek to gain insight into the all concerns of your potential customer, explicit and implied.

  3. Focus solely on building a well-satisfied customer and a mutually beneficial relationship will follow.

  4. The sale is the natural result of forging a solid relationship built on listening, caring and problem solving. Prospects ask you to help them. Never ask for an order.

  5. Do not fixate with over coming objections; avoid any objections in the first place. Trying to over come objections often leads to arguments & lost sales opportunities.

  6. Customer acquisition begins with building rapport and ends with a lasting business relationship.

Long-term, loyal B2B customers buy based on the power of a relationship you forge or do not forge with them. Things like creditability, trust, integrity, and putting your client first are essential to building successful B2B sales lead generation.

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