Marketing Message

Poor alignment and not understanding the importance your marketing communications message is the reason why most small business marketing fails. Learn how customer-centric marketing works to get your message understood by your sales prospects.

Unduly influenced by big business marketing's concern with the quantity, of marketing, not the quality is often the reason a small business fails to grasp the critical part that their communication messages play in attracting new customers. Understanding the importance of your marketing communications message is essential to B2B sales lead generation success.

Most marketing campaigns fail because they do not focus on the importance of their marketing communications message. This reality coupled with that fact that 99% of company messages are capacities and capabilities focused leads to a lot of wasted money that is rarely converted to an acceptable return on investment for every marketing dollar spent.

Capacities & Capabilities the Wrong Message 

Capacities and capabilities marketing is all about telling your prospective customers how great you are and all the wonderful things you can do for them. The problem with this type of message is that your prospects could care less about how great you claim to be and the things you can do for them. This is why most marketing does not generate the sales results we all seek.

All the communications messages your prospects receive are the same and so their eyes gloss over. The first principal of good marketing is to differentiate your brand and to get noticed. Yet, few people differentiate their company in any meaningful way and do not get noticed because they are sending the same unresponsive capacities and capabilities messages as their competitors.

Customer-Centric Marketing the Right Message 

Your prospective customers are only concerned about their specific problems. What they want to know is do you understand their problem and do you have a solution that will work for them. This is the essence of customer-centric marketing.

Message Alignment What Is It? & Why You Must Have It

Ideal marketing message alignment is achieved when initial rapport is built with your prospect based on the realization by your prospect that you understand their business problems and you have indicated a willingness and ability to help them solve their problems.

You must put your customer first and not yourself in the communication messages you are delivering to your sales prospects. It is not about your company, its products or services, it is about your potential customers. You will know when you have achieved the perfect message alignment you seek. When a prospect calls you and says, "I feel as if I already know you and want to meet you as soon as possible", you have achieved perfect alignment.

Marketing Message

Your Bottom Line
If you are trying to differentiate your business from your competitors having communication messages that are properly aligned are critical to your lead generation and overall marketing success.

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