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5 Ways to Generate New Business Sales Leads Using Twitter

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, Mar, 03, 2015

by Guest Blogger Dave Landry Jr.

iStock_000019666790_ExtraSmall-5-Ways-Sales-LeadspngIt is a world of rapid-fire digital speed demons and if your company is not on target the alternative is a sure way to get lost in the dust. The old fashioned way of hunting for new business is no longer sufficient. You can only get so far relying on networking with here’s my business card and palm pressing. Utilizing social media options like Twitter to engage potential prospects first before the first  handshake is the best way to beat the competition to the punch. 
These five ways to generate new business sales leads using Twitter is one example of the many social media-savvy paths each business must now consider staying on top of their game in creating business-to-business success.

1. Use the Search Bar
It sounds too easy to be true but by just plugging your specifics into the Twitter search bar you will receive potential followers that fit the profile.

Put in keywords and hashtags that apply to your business and other business you seek. Once you amass a list, you can follow them to see whom they are following which will most likely be your competitors.

Be sure to save your demographic searches that will enable you also to receive related tweets creating possible leads.

In addition, as removed as all this may seem, make sure you thank anyone requesting to follow you or those that have re-tweeted your info. The human touch, no matter how minimal, speaks volumes in this vast, robotic cyberspace we all now reside.

There are on-line marketers that you can hire to do this and much more for you as well. They are an excellent way to form an off-line team to drum up business as well as find other companies for personal collaboration.

2. Optimize Your Profile
Twitter is a free social media space and what better place than to take advantage of the ability to optimize your profile. Entrepreneur Magazine recommends these five steps for doing just that:

  • Use your logo as your profile picture.
  • Use your brand name as your Twitter handle and your Twitter username.
  • Use your brand name in your Twitter bio and add a link to a white paper in your bio.
  • Add your website's URL to your profile.
  • Use your brand name as your hashtag and include it in all Tweets.

3. Remember Your Place
It is important to keep in mind that Twitter is a social media platform and not an advertising campaign. Because the minute and this is essential to remember, you start slathering a Company sales pitch it is likely that it will be considered spamming. Once this happens, you could be dead in the water.

Therefore, it is recommended that businesses follow a conversation of other companies.

By embracing your target audience in your mission statement, you will get your point across without sounding like you are selling anything. It is done by personal engagement and repeating details that a follower says. You will demonstrate you are listening and enhance your commitment with a personal touch.

4. Follow the Numbers
It is short of staggering regarding the numbers connected to social media and business. Whether handled in-house or through a hosting service it is easy to see how simple steps may reap high results. Many of these numbers cite marketing trends that are important to follow as they are continually in flux.

Here are a few examples taken from an infographic compiled by a 2014 Twitter for Business study (Small Business Blog 6/3/14):

  •  72% of businesses agree it is important to have a Twitter presence.
  •  70% post at least once per day.
  •  70% drive traffic to their website.
  •  40% drive business to their blog.
  •  17% drive business to their newsletter.
  •  38% reply to their customers or other businesses within an hour.
  •  89% of those who have advertised on Twitter report it being successful.

5. Build Positive B2B Relationships
Salesforce reports, “A recent study showed that B2B companies who use Twitter get twice as many sales leads.”

By building and maintaining a positive, potent Twitter relationship with other pertinent business, your business could potentially glide along a digital love affair of sorts. It may sound silly but by continually tweeting uplifting, thought provoking, favorable affirmations a common thread could ensue. The old mantra, “courtesy is contagious” works when applied to the written form and Twitter is the perfect tool to exponentially generate, as well as share, infectious business relationships throughout your industry.

These five ways to generate new business sales leads through Twitter are the perfect example of how your company can enter this cutting edge platform. It is using social media to work with other firms to ultimately succeed together.

Please offer us your feedback on how you have used Twitter to Generate New Business Sales Leads.

About Our Guest Blogger: Dave Landry Jr. is a finance and marketing consultant for small business. He loves to write in his off hours and interact with like-minded folks. You can find him on G+.

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