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Sales Lead Generation Basics for Small Business

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Tue, May, 22, 2012

Sales lead generation is it an art or a science? Actually it is both, it is artful because it is creative; and it is scientific because hard data results are calculable and measurable.

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Small Business Sales Prospecting 5 Best Practices Tips

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Wed, Feb, 22, 2012

Small business owners find sales prospecting very challenging, here are 5 sales prospecting best practices tips.

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9 Questions to Ask for Small Business Sales Lead Prospecting

Posted by Robert Hennessey on Thu, Jul, 07, 2011

There are a lot of answers out there but knowing the right questions to ask is just as important and maybe more so. Asking these key sales lead prospecting questions can prevent your small business from wasting both time & money.

  1. How many B2B sales prospecting methods are there for small business to increase new business sales leads?

  2. What are the 4 steps every successful marketing plan must achieve?

  3. What are the 2 biggest differences between big business and small business direct marketing and achieving successful sales lead prospecting?

  4. What is the single biggest mistake small business makes in marketing its products or services?

  5. What are the 10 most common small business marketing mistakes to avoid?

  6. What is essential for achieving the bottom line results in your sales lead generation plan and sales lead prospecting without wasting your money?

  7. What is a good sales lead and what is not a good sales lead?

  8. How do I find the perfect customer sales lead prospecting list for lead generation?

  9. What's my real objective in spending money on a marketing campaign?
If you are a small business selling products or services to other businesses getting answers to these specific sales prospecting questions will prevent you from making some costly mistakes in trying to generate sales leads for your company. Don't just try some marketing because you are in a hurry. Measure twice cut once applies in developing affordable marketing for small business too.
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