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Tired of Just Send Literature...& No Calls Please!

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- MyMarketingDept. Inc. unveils a new way for professionals and small business to generate B2B sales leads and market their products/services like big business. "Finally there is a common sense method for small business to market their products/services consistently and afford ably and we guarantee results," says Bob Hennessey, President.

The "secret" of the MyMarketingDept. service is made of three essential elements: a customer centric marketing communications message, targeted to a very specific audience and consistent delivery of a customized marketing message.

By its very nature small business is usually a victim of small budgets. Consequently consistency is a major void in small business B2B marketing. MyMarketingDept. claims to empower small business to achieve marketing consistency without spending their life savings. "Our clients often remark to us that, `this is one marketing program that says it is affordable and really is...'" said Hennessey.

The second requirement of successful marketing is communicating to your customers with a message that is interesting to them. "Telling your potential customers what you can do for them and how great your company is, is NOT interesting to your potential clients," Hennessey extols. "The ability to offer your clients solutions to their problems is," he states

Most business experts agree that problem/solution selling is a key ingredient in any effective marketing campaign. The unique benefit of MyMarketingDept. appears to lie in its ability to properly implement a customer centric communications message to a specific receptive target audience and get it delivered consistently.

While seeming simple it really isn't that easy to do. Big business hires entire marketing departments and allocates 15-50% of their operating budgets for marketing. This is something small business just can't do. Most small businesses are so consumed with the daily tasks of running their business that most rarely focus enough time or money on building their business. But as we all know at great peril. 

This is why the MyMarketingDept. method is not a one shot deal, according to Hennessey. "We become our client's in-house marketing department allowing us as a team to focus on building sales and to insure we stay on message and remain consistent for a minimum of one year. After a year, our clients have a complete plan to continue marketing on their own or they choose to continue to work with us.

The last element of good marketing is not trying to be all things to all people. This is a very common refrain from many small business owners. We have heard many say, "We can sell anybody." While the statement is true the reality is often not. Hennessey concurs, "Getting small business owners to realize the necessity of targeting specific markets is very challenging, they just want to get bigger and their natural inclination is that the easiest way to get big is to sell everybody."

In a world of a lot of gurus and experts, this marketing program for professionals and small business seems to make a lot of basic small business horse sense. It's easy to throw money away. And, it's refreshing to see a marketing service that focus on solid communications in the interest of the buyer as opposed to a lot of hype to get results. Does it work? Hennessey says, "Yes, it does and we back it up with a money back guarantee."


About MyMarketingDept. Inc
MyMarketingDept Inc helps small business selling business-to-business services and products to obtain face-to-face-sales meetings by having sales prospects actually call them. Using customer centric lead generation principals MyMarketingDept small business marketing services is leading the way in generating B2B sales leads to help small business sell more products and services afford ably.

MyMarketingDept is online at and to get a free analysis of your next small business marketing campaign click on SmartMarketingCampaign.

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