B2B Press Release Marketing

Small Business Press Release Marketing & Distribution-
What You Should Know

/B2B-Press-Release-Marketing/Press-Release-Marketing-Depositphotos_58879791_m-2015.jpgB2B, press release marketing can maximize message delivery and lower press release distribution costs for small business.

B2B press release marketing is generally under-utilized by most small businesses. Press releases should be an active part of every small business B2B marketing effort. It is a lower cost method of distributing your communications messages to your target client base than almost all other marketing options.

So why do most small businesses do little or no public relations? 

  • No Money, Too Costly 
  • No Writing Expertise 
  • No PR Distribution Experience 
  • No Time

Are the benefits of having an ongoing Press Release effort worthwhile? Definitely!

  1. More receptive and believable communication vehicle than advertising
  2. Most Cost-Effective marketing tactic to reach your target audience 
  3. Generate awareness and demand for your products/services marketing message
  4. Build recognition of your brand among your target market 
  5. Creates a positive perception of an innovative and dynamic company 
  6. Indirectly can benefit organic search results on the Web

Can’t I just write my own press releases and distribute them with an online service?

Yes, but you don’t want to. Using an online press release services is a waste of time and money. So said, head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, when he announced on in December, 2013, that press releases have no value for SEO rankings.

Since Google declared press release links “unnatural” and is mandating not following them, if you are using an online pay or free press release service to build links back to your website it isn’t going to work. 

So are using Press Releases still a good marketing tool?

Yes, if you forget about web press release marketing with its focus on things like; page rank, keyword density and anchor text, and return to an old fashion press release strategy. Think back to before Google ended the SEO heyday of Press Releases, when the placement of a Press Release with an authority publication was the key to a successful PR strategy. Well it’s back.

Whether it is online or offline it’s who publishes your press releases that is now the key contributor to success. Reputable and relevant syndication of a quality newsworthy press release to publications that reach your target audience is now the gold standard once again. It’s all about content quality and quality placements online and offline.

The new Success Formula for Optimizing Press Releases Online or Offline

Newsworthy press releases + audience targeted placements = Success!

Back to PR Basics

The reputation of press release placements online or offline is just the distribution part of PR success. More critical is the fundamental value of your press release content. Now your press release content must be skillfully crafted to be:

  • Successfully syndicated
  • Attract readership
  • Generate reader action to learn more

To be skillfully crafted a press release needs to contain:

  • New and audience relevant information about a company or business
  • A customer-centric message that appeals to the reader
  • Limited keyword usage 1 to 2 words maximum
  • An authoritative writing voice
  • A writing style that reflects a reporter’s professional fair assessment of the facts

Here are some specific guidelines that you should follow in order to get maximum benefit for your investment in B2B press release marketing.

B2B Press Release Marketing - Three Key Tips

1.  Choose the type of your press releases carefully. As a small B2B business, concentrate on quality content. Disseminate articles (tips, advice, did you know), application stories, market research, or white papers about your industry that your clients will be interested in reading about that will help benefit them.

2.  Write a proper format press release that will get published.

3.  Effective and targeted distribution. Avoid mass distribution of your press releases. Small business need to be selective in distributing press releases. Why pay for national distribution when your business is local, county, state, or regional. The problem is most PR distribution services charge just about as much for local and state as national and sometimes more. However, distributing in your local market and cultivating relationships with your local editors with quality press releases, as opposed to quantity will serve you best.

Every small business could benefit from gaining more exposure and awareness among its sales prospects. We believe more small businesses would use public relations in their marketing if there was an affordable and easy way to do so. And, now you can dramatically increase your business presence and build your brand and product/service awareness with one easy decision, MyPublicRelationsDept