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A small business marketing consulting service of BACK-OFFICE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, INC., (BOBS), MyMarketingDept Inc. is a business-to-business consulting firm leading the way in helping generate small business B2B sales leads since 1998. We help small and medium sized business sell more products and services. We do this through customer-centric lead generation, small business B2B inbound marketing and today’s technology platforms.

We are passionate about helping small business improve their small business marketing efforts with advice, tools and tips that are practical everyday resources for helping grow sales and profits all on an affordable small business marketing budget. (Check out our Small Business Marketing Resources Center)

We Help Small Business Get B2B Sales Leads

  • We define: small business marketing by sales results - not process? 

  • We measure marketing success by ROI - not made up metrics? 

  • We deliver: B2B sales leads that contact you!

We Help You…

Get Known:    We put you in front of your best prospects

Get Found:     Build constant traffic to your website 

Get Leads:      Convert sales prospects into quality sales leads  

Get Results:   Sales leads become loyal customers - A measurable ROI

We are a smart, low-cost small business marketing solution specifically designed to help small businesses and independent professionals to increase B2B sales leads and improve sales lead quality...

  • in less time

  • with less effort 

  • at an affordable cost 

If you are a small business that sells consultative products or services to other business, you have arrived at the right place. Take a look around...

Our Marketing Consulting Services

MyMarketingdept employs intelligent solutions to solve small business marketing problems for clients that desire to:

 Small Business Marketing Consulting

Acquire New Sales Clients

Open New Markets

Expand Existing Markets

Do as I say, not as I do…does not apply to us.
We think it is important for you to know that what we do for you, we do for ourselves. In other words, the small business marketing consulting solutions our clients buy from us, we use the same marketing approach and services to promote our own business every day.

You may just click on any of our small business marketing services below, or call us at 866-875-2534 to discuss your particular situation. Learn more about our marketing
consulting solutions and small business resources by clicking on the links below.

Small Business Online Marketing

Small Business Offline Marketing

B2B Marketing Message

B2B Web Design

B2B Email Marketing

B2B Inbound Marketing

Website Sales Lead Generation 

B2B Sales Leads 

Small Business Plan

B2B Marketing Campaign Analysis

Outsourced Marketing Services

B2B Marketing Plan

Sales Lead Generation


Other Business-to-Business Resources We Recommend:


B2B Solutions Resource Community - Quality, Useable B2B Information Without Hype. No registration required, all the information is FREE, and there are no banner ads, pop-ups, pop-overs, pop-unders or any other annoying advertising, only quality business-to-business information you can use every day. 

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IntelliLeads are ideal for obtaining buyers in B2B markets that require:

  • Selling consultative or complex products or services 
  • Purchase cycles of one month to two years
  • Selling products or services that sell for $2,000 to 10 million plus dollars
  • Obtaining sales meetings with customers to close a sale

All business selling to other businesses regardless of type & size would benefit from using IntelliLeads. 

Voice: Toll-Free 866-875-2534 

Sales Lead Management



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