B2B Prospects

Sales Prospects for Small Business

/B2B-Prospects/B2B-Prospects-Call-You-Depositphotos_5701906_m-2015.jpgWhat if B2B prospects actually called you? Sound too good to be true? Well it is true and our small business marketing program generates sales prospects that actually call you. If you are tired of marketing campaigns that do not get results and sell consultative products or services to other businesses you will want to learn more about our proven B2B lead generation solutions for small businesses.

Our small business B2B prospecting solutions are ideal for any small business or professional looking to develop a high performance B2B lead generation program needing to boost sales. A turnkey marketing solution, not a one shot deal, we work along side you over a period of a year to ensure your success. Our deliverable is B2B sales prospects that actually call you. In addition, our costs are less than the price of one B2B trade ad or one typical, direct mail campaign.

Every MyMarketingDept. small business B2B marketing campaign is geared to meeting your particular needs with one objective to increase B2B prospects. We develop qualified sales prospects that meet three critical criteria:

  1. They have a problem to be solved, or a need for your products or services

  2. They have the money to buy, or a budget available to spend

  3. They have the authority to buy, or a decision maker who can buy

 Sales Prospects Actually Call You!

“Our experience has been truly rewarding, helping us obtain high quality B2B sales prospects that really want to meet with us has only been the tip of the iceberg given all the benefits we have enjoyed since working with MyMarketingDept, Inc.” - Point-of-Sale Merchandising Firm

"When I got calls from prospective clients they told me they felt as if they already knew me, that's when I knew my marketing had achieved perfect alignment."-Commercial Architect

"It's a high value proposition to have someone call me. Such a lead is worth thousands to me!" -Commercial Real Estate Agent

Key Sales Benefits:

  • Increase Sales Efficiency & Productivity

  • Achieve New Business B2B Sales Lead Generation Goals

  • Easy to Implement

  • Affordable, with a Measurable Return on Investment

Key Marketing Features:

  • It Works - Why, because we create a customized small business B2B marketing plan 'with' you rather than 'for' you.

  • Affordable - We make sure your marketing plan meets your budget

  • Full Support For One Year - Not a one shot deal, we assure your success

  • We understand small business cash flow & offer payment plans

  • Actual cost depends on specific needs, call 866-875-2534 Ext 1 or click small business marketing Information...for a custom quote.

We offer small business B2B marketing consulting services that are customized to your unique situation and budget. Contact MyMarketingDept now at 866-875-2534 or order B2B prospects to assist you in generating more sales and profits for your firm!