B2B Sales Prospecting

How to Decide the Best Sales Prospecting Approach

 /B2B-Sales-Prospecting/B2B-Sales-Prospecting-Depositphotos_59573701_m-2015.jpgGetting answers to these sales prospecting questions will prevent wasting, both, your time & money. 

  1. What are the B2B Sales Lead Myths small business marketing firms should avoid?

  2. How many, sales prospecting methods are there to increase small business B2B sales leads?

  3. What are the four steps every successful small business B2B marketing plan must achieve?

  4. What are the two biggest differences between small business B2B marketing versus B2C marketing and delivering successful sales lead prospecting?

  5. What is the single biggest mistake small business makes in marketing its products or services?

  6. What are the ten most common small business marketing mistakes to avoid?

  7. What is essential for achieving the bottom line results in your sales lead generation plan and B2B, sales prospecting without wasting your money?

  8. What is a qualified sales lead and what is not a qualified sales lead?

  9. How do I find reliable and affordable B2B mailing lists for successful sales prospecting?

  10. How can I be sure the MyMarketingDept prospecting service will work?

Once you have determined the appropriate prospecting approach for your business, the following tips will help you distinguish good prospects from bad prospects.

Sales Prospecting Tips

  • Qualify your B2B sales prospects by creating a customer persona of your ideal client and assess all prospects against your customer persona.

  • Qualify your B2B sales prospects to determine their buying authority and readiness to buy by seeking answers to the following:

    • Do you have a time frame for solving your problem?

    • Determine if there is only one decision maker or multiple.

    • What is the single most important factor in making the decision to buy?

    • Has a budget been established, if so how much is it?

  • Never accept "maybe" as an answer. Yes, is an excellent answer and no is a response albeit, not the one you want. But, maybe is totally unacceptable. Maybe, is a cop-out to making a yes or no decision. Insist that your sales prospect make a decision so you can move with your work.

Your Bottom Line:
If you're serious about growing your small business & could benefit from face-to-face sales meetings, then set realistic B2B sales lead generation goals.

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