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Business Plan - Customized for Your Needs

  • Consider all options before you invest your money 
  • Document your vision for your company with a clear & precise written plan 
  • A road map of how you will achieve and measure success


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MyPlayBooksm - Small Business Marketing Plan

describe the imageWe eliminate knee-jerk spending that usually results in wasting scarce financial resources that do not produce a return on investment. Plan includes:

          • Goals & Objectives
          • Define Your Target Markets
          • Initial Marketing Assessment
          • Define Current Business Problems
          • Outline Client Solutions
          • Create Customer Centric Communications Messages
          • Provide Specific Marketing Recommendations
          • Budget
          • Marketing Activities Calendar



MyMarketingMachinesm - Outsourced B2B Marketing

Outsourced B2B MarketingOutsourced Small Business B2B Marketing & Sales Lead Generation

Includes four hours per month of personal marketing consulting services as an in-house marketing department.

  □  Turnkey Marketing Services 
  □  Twelve Months of by Your Side Marketing Services &



Marketing Campaign Analysis Calculator

B2B-Marketing-Campaign-Calculator.pngWant to Know If You Are Going To Make Money...Before You Spend Any Of Yours!

Get this handy marketing campaign analysis calculator. Use it to evaluate, analyze and benchmark all your B2B marketing campaigns.

Get answers to questions like these...

  • Will this marketing campaign generate a profit or even have a chance to break even?
  • Which marketing program is the one that has the best opportunity to be profitable?
  • How much ROI will this marketing program generate?



B2B Market Potenial Calculator

B2B Market Potential Calculator.pngWant to Know the Real Market Potential for Your B2B Products or Services?

Most business people do not know the actual universe of sales prospects and coresponding sales potential for theit products or services at any given time.

Knowing Your Real Market Potential Enables You to Make:

  • Better Strategic Decisions 
  • Realistic Resource Spend 
  • Realistic Sales Golas