B2B Marketing Campaign Analysis Tool

By Bob Hennessey

Smarter Marketing Campaigns With One Click!

/B2B-Marketing-Campaign-Analysis-Tool/Smart-Marketing-Campaign-depositphotos_23898465-Magnifying-glass-vector-illustration.jpgGet a free online B2B marketing campaign analysis tool available at smartmarketingcampaign. It allows you to evaluate your marketing campaigns before spending your money. This marketing campaign analysis tool helps small businesses from wasting money on unprofitable and ineffective marketing campaigns through better decision making.Our B2B marketing campaign analysis tool increases profits with one click before you spend any money, evaluate your next B2B marketing campaign.

Run unlimited "what-if" scenarios by varying eight (8) assumptions about your marketing campaign. Then receive a free report that to evaluate fourteen (14) different key marketing metrics to decide the whether the campaign you analyzed is reasonable and profitable.

Before investing any money in your next marketing campaign, you can get answers to questions like these.

  • Will this marketing campaign generate a profit or even have a chance to break even?

  • Which marketing program is the one that has the best opportunity to be profitable?

  • How much ROI will this marketing program generate?

The Smart Marketing Campaign Report provides the user with a professional set of marketing benchmarks to track the actual results of a campaign against the user’s original assumptions. The Report is also helpful in identifying the need for adjusting future marketing campaign strategy to continue to improve results.

You can evaluate 14 different key marketing metrics to answer questions such as...

  1. Are our goals reasonable for this marketing campaign?

  2. Will this campaign generate sufficient profits to be worth the marketing investment?

  3. Is this an acceptable Return-on-Investment for this marketing program?

  4. What are the total profit dollars generated by this marketing campaign?

  5. What is the new customer acquisition cost in this program?

  6. What is the new customer acquisition cost as a % of total sales?

  7. What is the marketing cost per contact?

  8. How many new sales are necessary to reach our marketing goals?

  9. Is this a reasonable closing percentage assumption?

  10. How many presentations are necessary to reach our campaign assumptions?

  11. How many leads are necessary to obtain one presentation?

  12. How many prospects are necessary to convert to leads?

  13. What is the total number of suspects required and what is the cost to reach them?

  14. How many suspects need contacting each day of the campaign?

Creative Marketing Associates of Pittsburgh, PA recently used the SmartMarketingCampaign B2B marketing campaign analysis tool. Mr. John Berkman, President said, “It’s an easy to use and gave us a professional analysis and important insight into our marketing campaign decision making. In just one use, it saved us from wasting thousands of dollars. I highly recommend it to all my associates.”

Bob Hennessey is President of MyMarketingDept Inc. MyMarketingDept. Inc helps small business selling B2B services and products to obtain face-to-face sales meetings affordably by having sales prospects actually call them. Using customer centric marketing lead generation principals and B2B inbound marketing techniques MyMarketingDept is leading the way in generating B2B leads to help small business sell more products and services affordably.

MyMarketingDept. Inc is online at www.mymarketingdept.com. Before you spend any money on your next marketing campaign, check out their free B2B marketing campaign analysis tool SmartMarketingCampaign.

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