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Inbound marketing helps your small business get found, get leads, and get sales. Inbound marketing works by enticing qualified buyers, motivating sales prospects and reducing B2B sales lead generation costs.

/Small-Business-B2B-Inbound-Marketing/Inbound-Marketing-iStock_000022347815Small.jpgToday, small businesses are going to the Internet first to begin their purchasing process. Why because they are tired of being “sold to”, (interrupted). In fact, they never did need to be “sold to”. If you are in business, you need to be both buying and selling all the time.Our objective is to motivate qualified B2B sales prospects to contact you. These are "ready to buy" leads based on having received quality information about your company on how to solve a particular business problem.

So where did the idea that someone might need to be “sold to” come from in business? The answer is from big business marketing techniques that decided unless consumers were “sold to” they won’t buy. While perhaps true in B2C selling and marketing, it has never really been true in B2B marketing. Moreover, even if it was true at some time that time is long past.

The Internet Changes Everything

In the age of information is power, the power to sell is all in the information messages you disseminate not in “annoying your prospects to death to buy from you. Your customers need to buy, but what they seek are real solutions, not just a product or service. Simply put, they want solutions that solve real-world business problems.

Not only is Small Business B2B Inbound Marketing in perfect harmony with the way your B2B customer wishes to buy, but it is also less costly and more efficient than traditional outbound marketing. Inbound marketing allows you to build advanced rapport with your B2B sales prospects. It does this by having them learn something about your firm and your business solutions that have worked for others like them before you begin the sales process.

B2B Buyers Exist

Small business inbound marketing recognizes the simple fact that buyers are the driving force in every sale, the first source of money and that they exist. Nobody makes a business buyer buy, not even advertising. Inbound marketing utilizes a self-directed discovery, that leads customers to become highly qualified and motivated prospects. Simply put, an Inbound Marketing lead is a qualified B2B buyer with the intent to purchase based on having received quality information about how to solve a business problem.

Our approach to promoting your business combines two unique b2b marketing principals customer-centric B2B marketing and inbound marketing.

B2B Inbound Vs. B2B Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing attracts prospective clients based on having knowledge about you and your products or services. Inbound marketing is less costly and more efficient in lead conversion because you have built initial rapport with your prospect.   Outbound marketing is always interrupting the prospective client often at inopportune times that can result in negative consequences.
Think unwanted telemarketing and email blasts that you might have received.

Inbound B2B Marketing Sales Prospect Characteristics Outbound B2B Marketing Sales Prospect Characteristics
Already knowledgeable about your firm Usual knows nothing about your firm
Already knowledgeable about your products/services Knows even less about your products/services
Has an immediate need for a solution May or may not have an immediate need for your solution
Will contact you Will never contact you

Which B2B Sales Lead Would You Rather Have?

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Your Bottom Line
The days of hitting buyers over the head are gone. Today helping your B2B clients to succeed is the only effective way to generate new business. Order small business, B2B inbound marketing services to inform your sales prospects how you can help grow their sales and, therefore, yours.