MyMarketingDept Inc Small Business Internet Marketing Success Story

How One Small Marketing Firm Is Producing Website Sales Lead Generation Success for Itself and Its Clients with Internet Marketing.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 01, 2012

Today, MyMarketingDept Inc, a HubSpot partner, marked its first anniversary of collaboration with HubSpot, Inc and announced its Internet marketing and business relationship a resounding success. Since 1998, MyMarketingDept Inc has been generating high quality B2B sales leads for small business utilizing offline inbound marketing techniques. Its online website marketing services have dramatically increased the ability for small business clients to leverage their Website and produce more sales and more affordable inbound B2B sales leads. Here are the results reported by the company.

Website traffic as measured by Alexa Internet, Inc went from a traffic rank of over 4.2MM to 423,000 a 10-fold improvement in website traffic. Monthly visitors to the website went from less than 500 a month to over 3,000 average monthly visitors, a six hundred percent increase. Sales leads from the website went from 1 or 2 a month to an average of 30 a month. New sales generated from the website exceeded $80k in the first year.

Commenting on these results, Bob Hennessey, president of MyMarketingDept Inc said, “We were able to achieve a 25.6% ROI so we are extremely delighted about these results we were able to attain using the HubSpot software and our own inbound marketing efforts.”

MyMarketingDept Inc has used the HubSpot software and the firm’s inbound marketing expertise to realize similar results for its small business B2B clients. Hennessey said, “We apply the same Internet marketing skills as we do for our company, so we know the kind of outstanding marketing results we can deliver for our clients will be very comparable.”

Micro and small business customers have been searching for a way to make their websites generate sales leads as promised when they first bought their website. Now on their second or third website or third revision of their original website most websites generate few if any sales leads.

Hennessey concurs, “When we ask a small business if they are happy with the performance of their website in terms of generating sales leads that create sales the answer is almost unanimously no. In fact, we find that the great promise of build it and they will come in reality has actually turned a lot of small business people into total skeptics about their website being capable of being anything more than a brochure.”

The key to small business inbound marketing is ensuring that you continually add, manage and monitor quality content to convert website traffic into leads. Then use email lead nurturing to develop a deepening rapport to convert sales leads into sales. Many small businesses do not have the time or capability to execute a successful inbound marketing effort. That is where firms like MyMarketingDept step in to execute a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign.

To help small businesses with thinking of adopting inbound marketing the company offers a free e-book that explains the five things lead generation websites have in common.


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MyMarketingDept. Inc is a small business B2B marketing firm specializing in helping micro and small business get face-to-face sales meetings affordably. We offer a variety of Internet, inbound marketing and offline marketing services including our popular outsource marketing solutions. Founded on the principal that micro and small businesses deserve high quality professional marketing we continue to seek smart ways of delivering affordable marketing solutions. For more information, call us 866-875-2534 Ext 1 or visit us on the Web at http://www.MyMarketingdept.Com