Inbound Marketing Services

inbound marketing servicesOur Inbound Marketing Services Suite offers marketing services that help small businesses convert sales prospects into sales.

MyMarketingDept. Inc provides marketing services that help small businesses:

  • Attract more traffic to your website

  • Convert website visitors into leads

  • Convert leads into customers

  • Analyze & continuously improve results via closed-loop marketing analytics

Inbound Marketing Services Suite

Our suite is an easy way to bundle marketing services for your small business B2B website. Our process includes:

  • Aligning Your Inbound Marketing Strategy with Your Business Goals

  • Benchmarking Your Current Website Sales & Marketing Metrics

  • Setting Traffic, Lead Generation, and Customer Acquisition Goals

  • Defining Your Ideal Lead or Customer

  • Defining Your Buyer's Persona (characteristics & qualities)

  • Gathering Competitive Benchmarking

  • Keyword Research & Selection

  • Search Engine Optimization On-Page & Off-Page

  • Website Management & Content Creation

  • Launching & Developing Your Business Blog

  • CTAs, Landing Pages & Lead Generation

  • Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing

  • Measurement & Analysis for Continuous Improvement

Below are the four most important parts of an active Internet lead generation campaign. These marketing services help sales prospects find your website then convert them to leads and ultimately into a sale.

  1. Build Website Traffic & Get Found by Your Sales Prospects

    • Blog Post Writing

    • Link Building*

    • On Page Search Engine Optimization*

    • Website Copy Writing

  2. Convert Prospects into Sales Leads

    • Call to Actions*

    • Landing Pages*

  3. Convert Leads to Sales

    • Lead Nurturing*

  4. Analyze Marketing Process for Constant Improvement

    • Integrated traffic, leads and customer reporting*

    • Real return on investment measurement

* requires HubSpot License

By bundling all the above services into our Inbound Marketing Services Suite, you would receive ten hours of essential inbound services per month. Additional inbound service packages are available depending on the marketing activities and hours required for your website lead generation campaign.

View the following Inbound Service Examples to get an idea of our service offerings. 

Other Content Marketing Services Available

  • Setting up Social Media Accounts & Building a Following

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Social Media Schedule

  • Webinars

  • Presentations

  • Podcasts

  • Videos

  • White Papers

  • eBooks