Inbound Marketing Service Examples

Inbound marketing service activities are customizable to meet your specific marketing needs. The activities and number of hours are adjustable to meet your sales goals.

Our Inbound Marketing Service Suite is made up of three parts:

  1. Getting Found: Building traffic to your website

  2. Convert: The process of converting visitors to leads 

  3. Analyze: Rinse and repeat the successes in Getting Found and Converting leads

We can help you with any of the parts or all the parts of inbound marketing, Get Found, Convert and Analyze tasks. For instance during certain months, we will focus on specific elements of inbound marketing, like converting web visitors to leads by adding landing pages). Other months, we may be conducting lead nurturing email campaigns.

The right mix of inbound marketing services for your business will require a review of your current website. After a thorough review, we would be able to make specific recommendations on what combination of website sales lead generation services are best for your small business.

Following are some basic examples on how 10 hours of our inbound marketing service might be allocated in any given month.

Example 1. Getting Found & Building Website Traffic


Inbound Marketing Services

5   Write blog articles, including performing search engine
1   Monitor accounts on targeted social media sites & begin
  establishing a system for sharing relevant content
2   Promote blog articles on relevant social media & industry
  sites, engage with other relevant blogs
2   Monitor & respond to social media mentions 


Example 2. Converting Your Website Traffic to Leads


Inbound Marketing Services


  Research & create a white paper or eBook that will
  entice visitors to convert into leads

2   Create call to action buttons & landing pages promoting
  offers on your website
  Create lead nurturing email campaigns for new leads
  Research & identify most qualified leads tool


Example 3. Getting Found and Converting Traffic to Leads


Inbound Marketing Services

1    Apprise keyword research to identify new content titles
4    Write, optimize, publish & promote a minimum number of
   monthly blog articles
2   Create or optimize pages to describe your company's
  products & services and convert traffic to leads
2   monitor & respond to social media mentions
1   Develop strategy, offer & campaign to launch each