B2B Marketing Plan

B2B Marketing PlanA professional plan helps you define success for your small business. A well thought out B2B marketing strategy will help you to analyze your current business situation and establish performance criteria to achieve your profit goals.

To be successful with your plan, you need to begin with getting answers to questions about just how you will define your small business marketing success. Thinking about your company and committing your marketing strategy, goals and budget to paper is the first meaningful step towards a successful plan. Planning your marketing will also eliminate knee-jerk spending that usually results in wasting financial resources that do not produce a return on investment.

We help you analyze your current marketing strategy to establish realistic performance criteria for your marketing that will guide the development and implementation of targeted marketing effort. With this information, we can realistically project the amount and cost of the marketing effort required to meet your sales & profit goals. We call this our small business marketing, MyPlayBooksm.

We help you establish marketing goals and objectives and come up with answers to the following:

Establish Plan - Goals & Objectives

  • Introduce my company to the market (develop company brand)

  • Introduce my products or services to the market

  • Introduce a new product/service to an existing market or markets

  • Introduce a new product/service to a new market?

  • Increase my market share

  • Stop market share erosion from competitors

  • Develop new market segments for my product/service

  • Increase profit margins

  • Improve my product service sales mix

  • Implement a new small business pricing strategy

Define Your Target Markets

  • Geography
  • Company size by sales volume, or number of employees, or both
  • We research specific data about each industry and target market segment including:
    • Target Market Qualifiers- other unique aspects that further define your sales prospects
    • Prospect Contacts by Title (B2B Mailing Lists)

Conduct An Initial Marketing Assessment

  • Review your current marketing materials & activities

  • Review your company strengths & weaknesses
  • Review your key competitors' marketing materials and marketing positioning
  • Research current industry trends that impact your business

Define Current Business Problems

Outline Marketing Solutions

  • Short, medium and long-term solutions your firm can offer

  • Formulate marketing solutions from a customer-centric marketing perspective

Create Customer-Centric Communications Messages

  • Why your company is best suited to provide a particular business solution

  • Your solution/benefits

  • Develop benefit claims from a customer-centric point of view

  • Craft product/service benefits

  • Create a unique selling proposition that differentiates you from your competitors

Suggest Specific Marketing Recommendations

  • Strategic recommendations both, short and long term

  • Tactical recommendations for immediate action items

  • Assessment of marketing distribution methods, e.g., (trade advertising, direct mail, email marketing, telemarketing, etc.)

  • Customer centric promotional offers - offers that benefit your customer first

  • Timetable of specific marketing activities

  • B2B Marketing Campaign Analysis

Your Bottom Line
For more information, to get your business on track call now at 866-875-2534 Ext 1 or order your small business B2B marketing plan now so you can start marketing your small business to make it more profitable.

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