Marketing Options

MyMarketingDept. helps you evaluate all your marketing options in an unbiased manner. We are not printers, telemarketers, or an ad agency with a stake in what is just best for us. And, unlike an advertising agency, we do not add an exorbitant markup to any of the various marketing media we recommend to get your message disseminated to your target audience. In fact, we don't mark them up at all.

Our income is not dependent upon selling you marketing materials like most marketing firms. Our job is to develop a coherent and effective marketing program that will generate face-to-face sales meetings between you and your target audience.

We develop a sales lead generation plan that is customized and targeted to your best client market opportunities. We do this by implementing a turnkey customer-centric B2B marketing message and implement a small business B2B inbound marketing sales lead generation campaign for you at a price you can afford, so you are able to market on a consistent basis to ensure sales success.

The options matrix chart below helps you evaluate various marketing options, the degree of difficulty to deploy each and their relative cost and the ease to reach your target audience.

Marketing Options - Matrix









Trade Ads

Cold Calling

Public Relations

Consumer Ads

Email Marketing

Web Site Marketing (SEO)







Big Business Direct



  Inexpensive                                                   Expensive     

The Best Small Business B2B Marketing Option

MyMarketingDept. is the best small business option, if you prefer spending more time doing business, rather than building your business. Especially if:

  • sales are not growing

  • you want a more consistent influx of new sales leads

  • need face-to-face sales meetings to sell B2B consultative products or services

  • you are tired of just sending literature or receiving no calls please responses to your marketing efforts

We will...

  • Develop a focused and targeted B2B marketing approach
  • Turn your website from a brochure into a website sales lead generation tool 

  • Produce qualified prospects not just sales prospects with no real interest in your products or services

  • Create a B2B sales lead machine that works consistently well

  • Create market alignment between your Unique Selling Proposition and your market

  • Fully align your marketing message to your customers by market segment

  • Integrate all your offline and online marketing communications to build consistency of message and brand awareness

  • Get total control over your costs of new customer acquisition

  • Achieve Guaranteed Results

Bottom Line
MyMarketingDept. is the clear choice because it is the least expensive and easiest to implement because we do it all for you on a small business marketing budget that you can afford. Review all our options from one of our B2B marketing services that will help grow your business..