Why Outsource Marketing Services?

/Outsource-Marketing-Services/Outsourcing-Marketing-Depositphotos_83516774_m-2015.jpgMyMarketingDept Inc is a solutions-based B2B marketing firm that offers professionals and small business marketing services.An outsource marketing services company can expand small business marketing expertise, capabilities and profits. Your small business gains flexibility to grow fast without adding overhead. Outsourcing marketing lets you focus on what you do best.

We customize our marketing services to meet the specific needs of each small business. We have found outsource marketing is invaluable to small businesses that are looking to grow their business fast without adding overhead.

Small Business Benefits

Focus on What You Do Best:
While we obsess over your marketing, you are free to focus on your core business. Our marketing services enable small businesses to focus on what they like and do best. And, provide more time and attention to your customers.

Reduce Business Risk:
Most business owners are not marketing experts. Outsourcing your marketing will prevent you from making costly mistakes in time and money in trying to implement your own marketing.

Do More with Less:
Accomplish multiple business priorities simultaneously knowing that your marketing effort is being professionally managed and multiple marketing projects are being implemented to grow your business while you resolve other critical business issues.

Compete with the Bigger Boys:
Outsourcing your marketing gives, you access to economies of scale and expertise of larger businesses to compete with the big boys.

Save Money:
Hiring and training marketing staff adds costly payroll and overhead to your business. Marketing outsourcing can provide more expertise, capabilities and flexibility at less short-term and long-term cost.

Outsourcing Marketing - Reasons for Small Business...

  • Obtain Marketing Expertise that Does Not Exist In-House
  • Reduce the Workload of an Overwhelmed Marketing Staff
  • Gain an Experienced Strategy & Tactical Perspective on:
Increasing Sales Improving Marketing Return-On-Investment
Improving Market Penetration Generating B2B Sales Leads
Expanding into New Markets Brand Identity Building
  • Maintain Marketing Functions During Staff Transitions
  • Expand Marketing Efforts While Keeping Overhead Costs Low-
    (recruiting, training, workspace, technology, benefits, & turnover)

MyMarketingDept. Small Business Services

MyMarketingDept. offers the following small business marketing services:

B2B Consulting Services
B2B Sales Lead Generation
  • Direct Marketing
B2B Search Engine Optimization
B2B Public Relations
B2B Content Marketing
B2B Email Marketing

How Our Small Business Outsourcing Works

You can obtain any of our small business marketing services in the following ways:
  • Monthly Flat Fee - Working as in-house staff
  • Project Basis - Select any of our services on a stand alone basis
  • Turnkey Marketing Department Option - we perform all of your marketing activities for you

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