Small Business B2B Web Design

Small business B2B Web design that generates sales leads needs to focus on the needs of your visitors, not your products or services. Customer centric B2B web design is a small business website sales lead generation strategy that will help turn your website from a brochure about your company to a sales lead generating machine.

Your small business B2B website needs to do something like generating sales leads. If your site is not generating sales leads, it just costs money.

Good "Web design" is more about easy navigation, uncluttered design, easy to read, quality content and graphics that are pleasing not overwhelming. Unless you are an entertainment site like Disney don't waste your money on flash and other distracting graphics that may look impressive, but do little to achieve sales lead generation. In fact, there is much evidence that this may only drive potential business customers away for your website.While creative Web design is an integral part of good Web marketing, it is not an essential part. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and most people do not decide to buy your product or service based on how attractive you think your Web site may be.

b2b website contentB2B Web Content is King

Effective B2B Websites, (those that generate sales leads), do not fixate on the look of the site. The marketing message is the crucial component you must convey to your B2B audience. The B2B audience is different from consumers; they are looking to get information and find solutions to everyday business problems. Business people are not looking for entertainment they are serious and don't have a lot of time to waste. An effective business site is looking to meet the needs of its target audience. Achieving B2B marketing message alignment on the Web is super critical to lead generation success. You only have about eight seconds to convince your visitor how you can help them otherwise they will exit your site in one click.

"It's the Message, Stupid"

Content is king in effective web communication to obtain your sales lead generation goal. To get sales leads, you must communicate the solution you offer to solve the problem of your target audience. You must deliver your solution from your prospects point of view, not yours. Creating content that is customer-centric is vital to move Web visitors from browsing to action. Also, you must make it easy for your Web site visitors to find out the answers to the following three questions very quickly.

  1. What does your company do?

  2. Is what your company does appropriate for my business?

  3. Does your firm have a solution to the problem my company is looking to solve?

The ability to provide these answers to your website visitors in less than two clicks is critical to achieving small business web marketing success. Beyond these basics, other elements are necessary to achieve sales lead success. Things like...

  • easy to read text with minimal formatting

  • basic small business B2B SEO marketing techniques

  • quality information that speaks to the problems of your target audience

  • developing initial rapport and confidence that leads your prospect to want & need more information from you
  • inbound marketing services that help sales prospects find your website then convert them to leads and ultimately into sales.

Your Bottom Line
The important part of small business B2B web design and web marketing effort isn't to be overly concerned with the look of your website. Instead, focus on the message that will move sales prospects to take action to contact you. For more information, to put your small business website on track, call now at 866-875-2534 or order small business B2B web content now so you can start making more profit from your small business.