New B2B Marketing Campaign Analysis Calculator for Small Business

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(PR Web 2/27/2017)

Franklinville, NJ MyMarketingDept, Inc. announces a new B2B Marketing Campaign Calculator making it easy for small business to analyze the logic and establish performance benchmarks to evaluate any B2B marketing campaign. The calculator is available for download at the company website using this link Campaign Analysis Calculator.

Bob Hennessey, President of MyMarketingDept. Inc. said, “We are happy to help small business evaluate their next marketing campaign from a financial perspective before they spend any money. Our campaign analysis calculator saves time and thousands of dollars in planning and executing B2B marketing campaigns.”

According to Hennessey, the B2B Marketing Campaign Calculator answers basic questions like these:

  • Do you know if your next marketing program stands a chance to break even, let alone return you a profit?
  • Do you know, which marketing program is the one the gives you the best opportunity to be profitable?
  • Do you know how much your next marketing program could generate for your firm in terms of return-on-investment?

Hennessey explained that the calculator allows business owners to run unlimited "what if" scenarios by varying its eight assumptions about a particular marketing campaign. Based on the results users are able to evaluate fourteen different key marketing financial metrics. This calculator empowers business owners to increase the quality and effectiveness of their B2B marketing campaigns through better upfront decision-making.

“Obtaining answers to questions like these and deciding between which marketing campaign to implement and having some visibility into the campaign that will give you the best return on your investment is why we saw a need to develop this calculator,” Hennessey said.

Many small business owners overlook these basic marketing fundamentals when it comes to deciding on which marketing campign to implement. Hennessey says they can make better informed decisions with the B2B Marketing Campaign Calculator.

The B2B Marketing Campaign Calculator enables evaluation of fourteen different key marketing campaign metrics. Here is a sampling of the questions it can answer.

  • What is my new customer acquisition cost in this program?
  • What is the new customer acquisition cost as a % of total sales?
  • What is my marketing cost per contact?
  • How many new clients are necessary to reach my sales goal?

Hennessey summarizes the benefits of the B2B Marketing Campaign Calculator as follows:

  1. Stop guessing and hoping know if your marketing campaign is going to make money before you spend any money.
  2. Eliminate wasted time and money on marketing campaigns that will not make money.
  3. Compare unlimited “what if” campaign scenarios.
  4. Get answers to fourteen invaluable marketing campaign metrics.
  5. Establish marketing campaign benchmarks for later comparison to actual results.


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