Sales Lead Generation

What are your sales lead goals?

sales lead generation

It is important to establish measurable lead generation goals and a realistic budget to increase B2B sales leads. As the old saying goes, "you can't get th
ere from here unless you know where you are going."Sales leads and lead generation; do you know the secret to consistent small business lead generation? We do, it is establishing realistic lead generation objectives and a plan that you can afford to implement on a consistent basis.

In setting your sales lead goals, you will want to consider a number of important factors. We work with you to plan, layout and implement a measurable small business B2B marketing plan that includes obtaining answers to questions like these.

  • Which target market(s) should I focus on and why?

  • What are realistic lead generation goals for your company?

  • What is the combination of small business B2B marketing services that will meet your company sales goals & budget?

  • Which marketing delivery methods should I employ to get my message disseminated effectively, social media, direct mail, email, brochures, Web site, advertising, public relations, or something else.

What is a Reasonable Lead Generation Budget?

We believe a reasonable budget for lead generation is based on what you can afford to spend on a reliable consistent basis. Avoiding the small business marketing roller coaster mistake is critical to your success. Remember, some marketing is better than no marketing at all and 50% of all successful marketing is based solely on consistency. The amount of dollars you commit to your lead generation should be viewed with the same unwavering commitment you make to your morning coffee or exercise.

What is Your Target Market Return On Investment Goal?

We help you answer these questions and a lot more that are key to determine what a reasonable and affordable lead generation investment is for your business. We believe that the only goal that counts is new business sales and an affordable return-on-investment to achieve those new sales.

Your Bottom Line
For more information to get your business on track call now at 866-875-2534 so you can start marketing your small business profitably. MyMarketingDept. is a very affordable lead generation program. Compare it to other small business marketing options for yourself.

To assist you in setting realistic lead generation goals try our free SmartMarketingCampaignsm, a lead generation and marketing campaign analysis benchmarking tool.