Small Business Lead Generation

Lead Generation - Not All Sales Leads are Alike:

Small business lead generation tips on how to generate small business leads and close more business sales leads. 

Lead generation for most small businesses is very costly, time consuming and frustrating. Most times, you probably get responses like these to your lead generation effort; “Just Send Literature, NO Calls Please! Or, I’m Not Interested.”

small business lead generation

Small Business Lead Generation





Ever mail out hundreds, or even thousands of letters, brochures or mailers, and discover even if you were lucky to get a couple of responses, that even these  prospects still wouldn't meet with you.

  • Simple name captures

  • Most leave off critical contact information

  • Many write, "don't call me", or "just send literature"
Tired on spending your money on "sales leads" like these...then stop wasting time & money...Make More B2B Sales Now!

Customer-Centric Small Business Sales Leads:

What if you could get the kind of new business leads you really want? You know, the kind of business leads were prospects call you and say; let's meet on Tuesday at 10:00 AM.

We help small business get face-to-face sales meetings. Our customer-centric marketing program helps you avoid the 10 most common small business marketing mistakes.

Our proven method provides a turnkey marketing and B2B lead generation service at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff. And, our deliverable, business leads that deliver qualified prospects that want to meet with you, guaranteed. In fact, these business leads are so good prospects call you. And, it's affordable on a small business marketing budget like yours.

Lead Generation Tips for Small Business

Tips on how to close more B2B consultative sales. We help you...

  • Understand the five small business B2B Sales Lead Myths to avoid.

  • Develop a small business B2B inbound marketing approach focused on solving the problems of your clients to maximize business growth

  • Focus on quality not quantity when it comes to targeting your best markets & lead generation prospects

  • Create a lead generation plan that works because it utilizes a customer centric marketing approach and is fully integrated with all your marketing materials like direct mail, email, Web site, brochures, advertising, and public relations.

  • Achieve effective communication between with your USP (unique selling proposition) and your potential target market

  • Integrate all your business communications and lead generation strategies to your target customers by market segment

  • Get total control over your marketing costs & with a B2B marketing plan and lead generation marketing campaign - you can implement without breaking the bank

Your Bottom Line
Will you continue to market your small business as usual or get qualified sales leads by asking the right questions & get professional answers to help you succeed? Contact MyMarketingDept now at 866-875-2534 or order one of our small business lead generation services now to assist you in generating more sales and profits for your firm!

Small Business Lead Generation - Five Marketing Myths to Avoid